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Some advice from another person who knows more than one culture:

You: Everybody asks me about Canada, and then they don't seem interested in my answer.  ARGHHHHHH!

Master Yoda: Yes, people ask to be nice and they really are interested, but they can't really understand since they've never been there.  Also, it is impossible for you to summarize 1 year of deep experiences into a few sentences. Don't try so hard. Just say something nice and short and let it pass.

You:  Wow! I know so many new things but my family and friends haven't really changed. I'm so smart and everybody else is so stupid!  HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Master Yoda: Yes, you are special, but don't forget everyone else is special too. Equally special. It may take some time to see, but what good is your new deep vision if you can't see things like that? This feeling will go away soon but for now, don't act stuck up and keep your eyes wide open!

You: Darn! My English is disappearing. I feel like the melting man!  AHHHHHHHHH!

Master Yoda: No. It's not disappearing, the FLUENCY is getting slower. It's like a guitar player who doesn't practice for a while. If you live in an English speaking community again, it will all come back at the speed you had accomplished before.  Ask my number one student Mr. Walsh. The language is still there and you can pull it out of your head. It just takes a little longer. Another thing not to forget is that Japan entrance exam English has very little to do with communication. You are an expert at communication. Be proud, but work hard next year to polish up your other skills.

You: Well now that I've done this wonderful thing and become an international person, what should I do next?

Master Yoda: Find your next goal and go for it! Your next goal may have nothing to do with Canada or English, or maybe it will be somehow connected. Either way is OK. The important thing is to move forward.