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Research Project: Ways to Lessen Global Warming

Submission (提出)

1) Use the internet to research one of the methods to combat global warming
2) Do not simply copy the English from the Internet. Use your own English.
3) Explain as clearly as you can.
4) Save in 共有 as 21201,21202, 21203…etc

Report Format (Click Here)

Follow these steps

1. Situation (現状)
2. Problem areas (問題点)
3. Problematic solution(s) (問題点のある解決案)
4. More promising solution(s)(より見込みのある解決案)
5.  Conclusion

Some resources:

(From Wikipedia: 'Global Warming')

Mitigation (軽減対策

...At the core of most proposals is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through reducing energy use and switching to cleaner energy sources. Frequently discussed energy conservation methods include increasing the fuel efficiency of vehicles (often through hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric cars and improving conventional automobiles), individual-lifestyle changes and changing business practices. Newly developed technologies and currently available technologies including renewable energy (such as hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, tidal and ocean energy, geothermal power, and wind power) and more controversely nuclear power and the use of carbon sinks, carbon credits, and taxation are aimed more precisely at countering continued greenhouse gas emissions. More radical proposals include planetary engineering techniques ranging from relatively simple carbon sequestration to orbital solar shades and population control, to lessen demand for resources such as energy and land.

Other resources:

   Japan 'Team 6' page (click)

   Japanese 'EcoOneNet' page on Global Warming'

   Cop 13 page (UNFCCC)

global warming bid
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 Some interesting graphs:

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